Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Setting advance filtering queries similar to other user in Axapta

Setting advance filtering queries for a particular user similar to another user is a normal requirement.
Example: Users Use Saved Advanced Filtering queries on the Item Details form to search for items. If the same queries are required by another users, a time consuming and cumbersome way is to manually set up these queries for each and every user.
How can we quickly copy the query parameters/criteria from one user to another user?
Use the code below:
Note: change the values of fromUserId and toUserId depending on the requirement.

static void CopyAdvanceFilterQueries(Args _args)


SysLastValue sysLastValue;

UserId fromUserId, toUserId;


fromUserId = "user1";

toUserId = "user2";

while select sysLastValue

where sysLastValue.recordType == UtilElementType::UserSetupQuery

&& sysLastValue.UserId == fromUserId


sysLastValue.UserId = toUserId;

sysLastValue.RecId = 0;




KB Article for Issue with ‘Find Sales Order’ function

Microsoft released a KB article for issue with 'Find Sales Order' function
Access KB Article for KB968405 here
PartnerSource/CustomerSource Login required.
This issue is also discussed on AX Forum here
Customers can contact their partner or contact microsoft support directly for downloading this KB.

Creating workflows in AX

This white paper by Microsoft provides guidelines to implement workflow.

Download whitepaper here.

This white paper identifies the code you must modify to integrate workflow approvals with specific journals. In Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009, workflow approvals have been implemented to integrate with financial journals based on specific journal types.


Monday, 25 May 2009

Latest Axapta KBs

· KB 968357 - AX upgrade script fails if the the AX installation has shared CustTable, VendTable or ContabcPerson table.
Note: KB article not available yet. Contact
Microsoft Dynamics AX Support to request the hotfix

· KB 969355 - Upgrade to AX 2009 does not change some language codes (PT,NO,P,Zh-CN)
Note: KB article not available yet. Contact
Microsoft Dynamics AX Support to request the hotfix

Thursday, 21 May 2009

Create Tags for Fixed Assets in Axapta

As far as I know creating tags for Fixed assets is not a built-in, out of the box functionality in AX. Although, Creating RFID tags for items is possible.
If the requirement is very important, I would suggest custom development.
You have to do the following customisation:
1. Go to
Inventory Management > Common Forms > Fixed Asset Details
Select the Asset and go to Command > Record Info
The window below will appear:

Similar to 'Print all fields' button, create a button to print only the fields which you want to print for the Fixed Asset Tag.
2. You can place this button to print the Asset Tag in the main Inventory Form also.
Note: There might be other ways of implementing the requirement for printing tags for fixed assets in Axapta, and I have suggested one approach. Implement it if you find it suitable.

Print Management in AX

When you post or reprint business documents such as sales orders and purchase orders, the resulting documents, such as invoices or packing lists, can be printed using the defined settings for the effective original or copy records in print management.
Accounts receivable > Setup > Forms > Form setup > Print management
Accounts payable > Setup > Forms > Form setup > Print management
Project > Setup > Forms > Form setup> Print management
Use this form to set up print management original or copy records and conditional settings. This information controls the way that documents, such as sales orders and purchase orders, are printed during the posting process.
Note: If you want to print multiple copies of the original document, use the 'number of copies' feature on the print settings page which appears after you give the print command.

Troubleshoot AOS issues in AX

For debugging the error below refer links below:
Faulting application ax32serv.exe, version 4.0.2501.116, stamp 46948f66, faulting module ax32serv.exe, version 4.0.2501.116, stamp 46948f66, debug? 0, fault address 0x000fcde0
Troubleshoot installation issues with AOS
Troubleshoot problems operating the Application Object Server
Troubleshooting AOS or Microsoft Dynamics AX client startup during upgrade

Setting Financial Dimensions for a Site in AX 2009

Setting up a link between a financial dimension and the site inventory dimension enables a company to produce profit and loss figures per site.
Establishing a financial dimension link to a site results in the following conditions:
A financial dimension is associated with the site inventory dimension.
A financial dimension value is associated with each site.
Click Inventory management > Setup > Posting > Dimension link.
In the Dimensions field, select the financial dimension that you want to link to the site inventory dimension. The Department dimension is selected by default, but you can change it.
Click the Sites button to open the Sites form. The financial dimension that you selected (in the previous step) now appears as a column header on the Overview tab.
Select a site. In the Dimensions column, select a financial dimension from the lookup list. The list displays the dimensions that are set up in the Dimensions form, which is located at Basic > Dimensions.
The specified financial dimension value is now associated with the selected site. Repeat this step for each site.

Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Axapta and Lotus Notes Email

Automatic Axapta CRM E-mail journalisation from Lotus Notes
For Details Refer Link Below:
Modify the sample code at the link below to send email to lotus notes instead of Outlook:

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