Thursday, 21 May 2009

Create Tags for Fixed Assets in Axapta

As far as I know creating tags for Fixed assets is not a built-in, out of the box functionality in AX. Although, Creating RFID tags for items is possible.
If the requirement is very important, I would suggest custom development.
You have to do the following customisation:
1. Go to
Inventory Management > Common Forms > Fixed Asset Details
Select the Asset and go to Command > Record Info
The window below will appear:

Similar to 'Print all fields' button, create a button to print only the fields which you want to print for the Fixed Asset Tag.
2. You can place this button to print the Asset Tag in the main Inventory Form also.
Note: There might be other ways of implementing the requirement for printing tags for fixed assets in Axapta, and I have suggested one approach. Implement it if you find it suitable.

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