Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Setting advance filtering queries similar to other user in Axapta

Setting advance filtering queries for a particular user similar to another user is a normal requirement.
Example: Users Use Saved Advanced Filtering queries on the Item Details form to search for items. If the same queries are required by another users, a time consuming and cumbersome way is to manually set up these queries for each and every user.
How can we quickly copy the query parameters/criteria from one user to another user?
Use the code below:
Note: change the values of fromUserId and toUserId depending on the requirement.

static void CopyAdvanceFilterQueries(Args _args)


SysLastValue sysLastValue;

UserId fromUserId, toUserId;


fromUserId = "user1";

toUserId = "user2";

while select sysLastValue

where sysLastValue.recordType == UtilElementType::UserSetupQuery

&& sysLastValue.UserId == fromUserId


sysLastValue.UserId = toUserId;

sysLastValue.RecId = 0;




KB Article for Issue with ‘Find Sales Order’ function

Microsoft released a KB article for issue with 'Find Sales Order' function
Access KB Article for KB968405 here
PartnerSource/CustomerSource Login required.
This issue is also discussed on AX Forum here
Customers can contact their partner or contact microsoft support directly for downloading this KB.

Creating workflows in AX

This white paper by Microsoft provides guidelines to implement workflow.

Download whitepaper here.

This white paper identifies the code you must modify to integrate workflow approvals with specific journals. In Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009, workflow approvals have been implemented to integrate with financial journals based on specific journal types.