Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Setting up bar code in AX 2009

Many companies use barcodes for different purposes like:
Tagging Items – To identify items
Tagging pallets – To identify pallets
Tagging locations – To identify locations
Microsoft Dynamics Axapta 2009 supports use of bar codes which can be setup using very simple steps. T his article contains two main setups:
STEP 1: The first step is to set up the bar code to be used using AX Barcode setup form.
STEP 2: The second step is to associate the bar code with the item
STEP 1: Set up the bar code to be used using AX Barcode setup form.
1. From Dynamics AX client navigate to:
Basic > Setup > Bar code setup
2. On the overview tab, Click New and enter details:
3. In the General Tab enter Minimum and Maximum length.
Bar code setup
Type the name of the bar code.
Enter a description of the bar code.
Bar code type
Select the bar code type from the list.
Select a font for the bar code from the list of available fonts installed in Microsoft Windows.
Specify the font size of the bar code.
Minimum length
Specify the minimum length allowed for the bar code.
Maximum length
Specify the maximum length allowed for the bar code.

STEP 2: Associate the bar code with the item
1. From Dynamics AX 2009 Client navigate to:
Inventory management > Items > Setup button > Bar codes
Use this form to set up multiple bar codes for each item, in addition to setting up bar codes according to item configurations and dimensions. Bar codes identify items and register inventory information.
For example, you can set up bar codes for each color of an item, and then for every sale you register the item and the item color. In this way, you know the number of items on stock by color.
Overview tab
Get an overview of the bar codes that are associated with an item. You can also create, modify, or delete the bar codes.
General tab
View specific information about an item and the bar code that is associated with it. The information is grouped into four areas, such as information about the Item, Bar code, Setup, and Item dimension. On the General tab, you can also create, delete, or modify a bar code.
Item number
This is a unique user-defined code that is assigned when items are created. It is recommended that special characters or spaces not be used in the item number.
Item numbers can be generated by the system by linking the item number to a Number sequences (form).
Select an item configuration to specify an item with specific attributes.
Specifies the size of the item.
Specifies the color of the item.
Bar code setup
Select the bar code type that you would like to apply to the item.
Used for scanning items with us.
To be printed
Used when printing.
Bar code
Bar code digits.
Dimension No.
Identification of dimensions for the item.
Quantity in the inventory units of the item.
Brief description of the transaction.
Enter the warehouse in which you store your items.
Batch number
Enter the batch number dimension. If you select Edit lines and Explode lines in the upper section of the Shipment /Receive form, you can edit the batch number for the transfer order line.
Location inside a warehouse. If you select Edit lines and Explode lines in the upper section of the Shipment /Receive form, you can edit the location number for the transfer order line.
Pallet ID
Unique ID for the pallet (Serial Shipping Container Code).
Serial number
Serial number dimension. If you select Edit lines and Explode lines in the upper section of the Shipment/Receive form, you can edit the serial number for the transfer order line.
Inventory Button
Click Inventory > Dimensions display to select the inventory dimensions to appear in the Item - bar code form.


  1. Hi there...thanks for the post..I've problem in displaying the bar code onto SSRS reports. It displays well within the AX reports but not onto SSRS. I only get the code letters into SSRS and not the barcode. Can you help to advice me on missing steps? Thanks much !

  2. I am sorry, I did not work on using barcodes in SSRS. But found few links where you will find related information. http://social.msdn.microsoft.com/Forums/en-US/sqlreportingservices/thread/d372cdb1-e86d-40b0-9c03-1dc9ed994498
    Do post the solution when you find it.

  3. Hi Abdul,
    Thank you for this wonderful post on bar code setup.
    I tried setting up bar code with above mentioned step. Now i would like to see or print bar code for that particular item.
    Can you guide me how can i do that ?


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