Monday, 6 September 2010

Unit Conversion in AX

Use Unit Conversion Form to convert units for a particular item number in the Items form. For example, you can convert units when large volumes of raw materials are purchased and you need units that can be used in production. Example: 1 Bag of raw material = 100 Kgs.

Click Basic > Setup > Units > Units.

Click Setup > Unit conversion.

Select the relevant item number from the Item number list.

The inventory unit to be converted from is inserted automatically in the From unit field.

In the Factor field, specify the conversion factor and any quantity added upon conversion.

In the To unit field, specify the inventory unit you want to convert to.

In the Round off field, select a rounding method for the To unit.

The current conversion formula is always displayed at the bottom of the screen.

Close the form and you can then choose the alternative unit for the item in the Item form.

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