Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Manual Depreciation

When you set up a fixed asset depreciation profile and you select Manual in the Method field in the Depreciation profiles form, the depreciation of fixed assets that are assigned to this depreciation profile is determined by the percentage that you enter for each interval in the calendar year.
The intervals that you set up with percentages are posted according to the selection that you make in the Period frequency field on the General FastTab of the Depreciation profiles form. The posting intervals that you can select are as follows:
  1. Yearly
  2. Monthly
  3. Quarterly
  4. Half-Yearly
  5. Daily
When you select the posting interval, click Manual schedules and set up percentages for each posting interval.

With manual depreciation, the percentages that you enter in the intervals of the depreciation do not have to total 100 percent. It is a flexible depreciation method that is often used to define an extraordinary depreciation profile in the Depreciation books form, such as a non-periodic depreciation for special (perhaps tax) purposes.

For examples refer Microsoft Technet

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