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AX 2009 Client RU8 Silent Installation / Mass Deployment

Mass Deployment steps are given in AX 2009 installation guide – page 37

Content From AX 2009 installation guide -  Page 37:

Mass deployment of clients
If you need to deploy a large number of clients, we recommend using the following process:
1. Copy the contents of the Microsoft Dynamics AX DVD to a shared directory on the network. For more information, see Copy the DVD contents to a file server.
2. Create a common configuration file in a shared directory on the AOS computer that clients will connect to.
3. Create a command (batch) file in a shared directory in the Microsoft Dynamics AX DVD shared folder, at the same level as Setup.exe.
4. Test the command file on a local computer. 5. Use a mass deployment tool such as Group Policy or Microsoft Systems Management Server to run the command file from a logon script.
For more information about using Group Policy to deploy software, see:
For more information about using Systems Management Server to deploy software, see:

The following procedures contain more detailed information about creating a shared configuration file and creating a command file.

Create a configuration file to share
By default, each client is installed with local configuration settings that specify which AOS to connect to. In a large deployment, we recommend creating a common configuration file in a shared directory instead. (The shared directory must always be available, or clients will be unable to start.) Using a single configuration file for multiple clients makes future configuration changes easier.
Note: You can set clients to use a shared configuration file only when you install the client from the command line. This option is not available through the Setup wizard. 1. On a client that has local configuration settings and is connected to the appropriate AOS instance, start the Microsoft Dynamics AX Configuration utility (Start > Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Microsoft Dynamics AX Configuration). 2. Verify that the settings in the configuration are those you want to distribute broadly. 3. Click Manage, and then click Export configuration to file. Name and save the configuration file. 4. Copy the saved configuration file to a shared directory. The user of each client computer must have read permissions on the shared directory.

Create a command file to install clients
This section describes how to create a command file to specify installation parameters to deploy a large number of clients.
Instead of entering all parameters directly in the command file, you can set up the command file to use a parameter file. For more information, see Silent installation. We recommend that you determine which parameters to use by installing a client on a single computer and then reviewing the Setup log file, which is located at %AllUsersProfile%\Microsoft\Dynamics AX\Dynamics AX Setup Logs\Date Time\ DynamicsSetupLog.txt. The log lists the parameters that were used in the installation.
For more information about individual parameters, see Setup parameters. 1. Create a command file named AxInstallClient.cmd in the Microsoft Dynamics AX DVD shared folder, at the same level as Setup.exe. 2. Specify installation parameters in the command file. Use the following example as a guide: X:\Setup.exe HideUI=1 AcceptLicenseTerms=1 InstallClientUI=1 ClientAosServer=Company1 ClientLanguage=en-US ClientHelpLanguages=en-US;fr-CA 3. Optional. To install clients without installing the Microsoft Dynamics AX Client Configuration utility, set the parameter ClientConfig to zero. 4. Optional. To set up clients to use a shared configuration file, set the ClientConfigFile path parameter to the file in the shared directory. ClientConfigFile="X:\.axc"

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