Sunday, 15 July 2012

AX 2012 Upgrade - Troubleshooting errors

Troubleshooting steps for duplicate errors during the pre-processing phase of the Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 upgrade process. 

The scenario being described is when one of the batch tasks has failed in the middle of the data being processed. The error message shown on the job in the Infolog would appear something like this:
Info Message (10:12:33) Run job inventJournalTransPreUpgradeProcess ordered by Admin in database XXX.
Error Message (10:12:33) Cannot create a record in Shadow_InventJournalTrans_Dimension (Shadow_InventJournalTrans_Dimension).
The record already exists.
Error Message (10:12:33) Script: ReleaseUpdateTransformDB40_Invent.inventJournalTransPreUpgradeProcess(xxx). Last control data: 00333331,1
For details on how to troubleshoot this error refer here

Upgrade Readiness Errors - Upgrade checks

Errors will show up when DAT company is not present. Details here.

Can be safely ignored
  • validateMissingLedgerJournalName - Ledger journal name is missing (you will need to create one later on during data preparation if you skip this step here)
  • projPostingPreValidate - Your Ax2009 system is missing some project ledger posting setup….(this error can be ignored only for companies not using the Project module)
Need to be addressed
  • validateInventDimBlank - use the Fix button to easily create one
  • Multi Site Activation errors - you will need to activate multi-site within the DAT and every company which means you will need to create a site and warehouse which can be removed later.
  • validateDataAreaIds - Invalid DataAreaId found in some tables - this error is meant to let you know that there is data in a table with a DataAreaId of a specific company where the table should only show records from a virtual company. While it may not be necessary in all cases to clean this up, it would be in your best interest to address this now.
  • validateCompanyInfo - There are company records without a name or country/region - the name and Country/Region ID are required values.
Any other messages that refer to invalid countries, missing LedgerTable or LedgerDimension records, etc. should always be addressed. 

Other Links:

Resource Page for Upgrading to Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 (Requires login to Partnersource/Customersource)

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