Thursday, 14 March 2013

Moving Average White Paper for Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012

A new inventory model has been introduced in Microsoft Dynamics AX that is based on the moving average method. Moving average is an inventory valuation method that is used to compute the average cost of ending inventory.

This white paper covers the areas where work processes for inventory valuation have changed due to the introduction of the Moving average method. This includes the following areas:

  • Issue cost will not be adjusted by running an inventory close with the moving average method since this is a pure perpetual model.
  • Price differences between the point of product receipt and the invoice can be proportionally expensed.
  • The handling of negative inventory, backdating of inventory transactions, adjustment of inventory values and posting of credit notes with Moving average.
  •  How costing of production is supported by Moving average.

White paper can be downloaded directly from Download center

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