Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Workflow Approval via Email White Paper for Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R2

This Whitepaper highlights the functionality in Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R2 that enables workflow to be configured so that a user can take approval action directly from email messages.
The document describes the email approval workflow. This workflow includes features and email messages that can be configured and the links that can be included in the emails that contain links to documents that require action. For example, an employee enters a timesheet, and then submits it to his or her manager for approval. The manager receives an email message requesting approval. The email message contains a link to the timesheet that the user entered. This functionality provides the capability for approvers to approve or reject from the email message itself.
White paper can be downloaded directly from Microsoft Download center.

High level steps required to implement this functionality:
1. Setup of Windows Azure Service bus - Details are given in this whitepaper.
2. Installation of new hotfix:
As on date when I am writing this post Hotfix link given on page 3 of the whitepaper is not correct and lands on microsoft homepage.
Please keep an eye on link for hotfixes for AX 2012 R2 for more information on this hotfix.  
3. Microsoft Dynamics AX connector for Mobile Applications
Important links:
b. Download Installation files for connector for Mobile Applications from here.


  1. Hi,
    thx for your detailed blog. Currently I am trying to follow the wp"Workflow approval via email". Appendix B describes to select SysWorkflowApprovalService.applyUrlAction. But the operation applyUrlAction is not available in the service SysWorkflowApprovalService. I installed the model file that came with the Hotfix460642 but the operation was not included there either.

  2. follow up... I just saw that the method is now available in the service class after installing the hotfix. so I will just create the operation manually.

  3. The macro "Workflow" did not get updated with the hotfix. That’s why my CIL failed and the new operation was not added. (sorry about the multiple posts on this.. but maybe it helps others)